Bohemia Gold Mining Museum


January, 2016, Happy New Year to  you!  The Bohemia Gold Mining Museum is currently closed.  We are packing and preparing to move to the Big Red Barn - Boots and Sandals Building, 308 10th Street; at the corner of 10th and Jefferson - across the street from Cottage Grove's new Bohemia Park.   We hope to be moved in to our new "digs" by the end of Spring Break ... Stay tuned to our Web Page for the announcement of our Grand Opening at the new location.

            Bohemia Gold Mining Museum

Located in Cottage Grove’s National Historic District, the museum is a living and expanding memorial to all miners, and to the rich history of gold mining activities in the Bohemia Mining District. The museum’s collection of photographs, tools, ore samples, and other artifacts pays tribute to the area’s gold mining history.   The museum is dedicated to the memory of Guy Leabo,  a long-time area miner with a passion to preserve the history of the Bohemia Mining District. Many of the artifacts in the museum were donated from                                                                                                        his personal collection.

Guy Leabo was the former owner of the mine at Crystal Basin.  He was also a mining historian and a collector of antique mining tools and equipment.  A life long resident of the area, he played a significant role in helping to preserve and promote the mining culture in Cottage Grove.

This life sized wood carving was made by Floyd Davis using a California Redwood stump, and it took three and a half years to complete.