Bohemia Gold Mining Museum


        Bohemia Gold Mining Museum

Located in the former Boots and Sandals Square Dance Barn (The Red Barn),  just across from the Bohemia Park.  The museum is a living and expanding memorial to all miners, and to the rich history of gold mining activities in the Bohemia Mining District. The museum’s collection of photographs, tools, ore samples, and other artifacts pays tribute to the area’s gold mining history.   The museum is dedicated to the memory

                                                                                 of Guy Leabo, a long-time area miner with a

                                                                                 passion to preserve the history of the Bohemia

                                                                                 Mining District.  Many of the artifacts in the

                                                                                 museum were donated from his personal



    REGULAR BUSINESS HOURS                                  

       Thursday,  Friday:  1:00pm  to  4:00pm              

       Saturday:  10:00am to 4:00pm           

        AFTER HOURS:                                                       email:  [email protected]                                           

        Or the museum:  541-942-5022                             

If you are traveling through town and would like to see the museum during non-business hours, please contact Craig at:  541-517-3146 to see if he is available to open up for you to see.                


We would be happy to set up a tour for those who are interested.

Please call:  541-942-5022 or 541-726-5350

Or email:  [email protected]

NOTE:  Please leave a message.  It may take a few days for us to get back to you.

Guy Leabo was the former owner of the mine at Crystal Basin.  He was also a mining historian and a collector of antique mining tools and equipment.  A life long resident of the area, he played a significant role in helping to preserve and promote the mining culture in Cottage Grove.


Starting June 1, 2018 to Labor Day - the Cottage Grove Museum will be open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  The address is 147 North H Street, Cottage Grove, OR  97424.  For more information refer to their web page:  

July 17 - Lane County History Museum:  Would You Believe It?  exhibit opens Featuring never before seen photos and artifacts, and the amazing stories behind them.  Learn things you never knew about our local history.

July 19, 20, and 21 ... Bohemia Mining Days at Coiner Park.  Craft Booths, Games, Food, Music, and much more.  The event is at Coiner Park.  Lots of fun for the family; please come join us  There is!

July 22 - Miner's Breakfast by the Cottage Grove Prospector & Gold Diggers at the Bohemia Saddle on the mountain.  Breakfast starts at 6:00am to 1:00pm.  Come and experience "breakfast on the mountain" with us!

This life sized wood carving was carved by Floyd Davis using a California Redwood stump. The sculpture took three and a half years to complete.  A must see ... 

 We need your help...

We are looking for the following items; can you help us?  We are creating an old west saloon scene and need:

  • A spittoon
  • Small, round, old wooden, table with two chairs (sturdy).

  • A gold tone curtain rod, 54"-60".
  • Two panels of curtains that would fit the 54"-60" x 7' in red tones, old fashion, we could use them as well.
  • Bohemia Days Button for the years 1964 and 2000.

If you would like to donate any of these items, please call either Sara or Carrolle at the museum, 541-942-5022; or, come see us.  Our regular hours are Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, 1:00-5:00pm.