Bohemia Gold Mining Museum


This page is dedicated to those who have donated a significant part of the their lives to promoting Cottage Grove's historic mining culture, and the Bohemia Gold Mining Museum.

Guy Lebo 

January 4, 1932

March 27, 2003

    A man of warmth and generosity who eagerly shared his knowledge of mining, geology, history and life.

    With quiet strength he became a stabilizing presence among the mine

                                                        owners of the Bohemia

                                                        Mining District.                                                           

Quinton Barton

June 9, 1921

December 11, 2007

He worked with his father in the Helena mine during his teen years, and became a 

very knowledgeable Bohemia Mining District historian. He was also an accomplished artist, and some of his paintings of miners have been donated

                                                       to the Bohemia Gold Mining


Ray Nelson

March 24, 1897

December 14, 1978

He was the former owner of the Vesuvius mine, and the founder of the Cottage Grove Prospectors and

                                                          Golddiggers. He was also

                                                          a mining historian, and his

                                                          writings and documents

                                                          comprise a significant part

                                                          of the museum;s archives.                                                                

Ivan Hoyer

November 28, 1926

August 8, 2004

He was a very knowledgeable mining historian who authored the book called "Bohemia Gold".  He also conducted tours of the Bohemia Mining District and was a member of the Bohemia Mine Owners 



Rich Brunaugh

February 8, 1943

January 21, 2014

Board member and supporter

of The Bohemia Gold Mining Museum.

"Thank you Rich, Rest in Peace"

Ralph Deter

August 28, 1928

March 15, 2014

We are grateful to Ralph for his many hours of service to the Bohemia Gold Mining Museum as a board member and volunteer. He is appreciated for showing up faithfully to host on Thursdays, the Friday Art Walks, and gladly 

                                              helping whenever asked. We will

                                              miss his kind, quiet, generous 



Bud (LaSells) Stewart

January 31, 1938

August 19, 2016

Bud was a board member, supporter, and host at the Bohemia Gold Mining Museum. He was also the owner of the Vesuvius mine. He could always be depended upon to help at the museum, and enjoyed talking to visitors

                                                about the Bohemia Mining