Bohemia Gold Mining Museum

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Big Dreams is an enchanting audio CD by singer / songwriter Sara Irene Smith.  Several of the songs are inspired by the people, places, and stories of the Bohemia Mines.        $15.00


  • Basic gold panning equipment and misc supplies 
  • Bohemia Mining Books and Videos starting at $5.00 up to $25.00
  • Vintage and Historic books on mining, geology and legends - starting at $5
  • Gold Pans and more, starting at $7.50
  • Old Prospector Magazines and Mining Journals
  • Many more items including art work by local artists

This book is designed as a reference atlas providing a historical look into the discovery of gold in the Western Oregon Cascades beginning in 1885 in the region known today as the Bohemia Mining District.                Paperback copies                      $135.00  
 Laminated copies                     $150.00

This unique 'Cottage Grove' sock is by far the museum's best selling 'gift giving' item, and is sold exclusively at the Bohemia Gold Mining Museum.                                           $10.00 pair

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This trendy Bohemia Gold MIning baseball cap is sold exclusively at the Bohemia Gold Mining Museum.                                   $20.00 

Bohemia Gold is a historical account of the Bohemia Mining District between 1885 and 1910.  Written by the local historian and author Ivan C. Hoyer.  He fills his work with many facinating details of the various mines and the lives of the miners.   

Unsigned ................................................   $20.00

Signed Copy ............................................ $25.00

We offer a variety of unique historic Bohemia Mining District photos.

            Framed:     $5.00

            Unframed:  $2.00

The attractive BOHEMIA GOLD MINING MUSEUM Coffee Cup is a great gift option at only.                                  $10.00

These beautifully hand engraved Bohemia Shot Glasses, by "Skye's Craft" are great gift items and collectable.                                          $20.00 each

BOHEMIA GOLD MINING MUSEUM  "T" Shirt  (Blue)  Small to 3X Large         $15.00  to  $20.00

BOHEMIA GOLD MINING MUSEUM  "T" Shirt  (Beige)  Small to 3X Large       $10.00  to  $15.00